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Begafigo Overview
Begafigo is a sailing-racing club registered with the Cyprus Sailing Federation. It is not a private water sports business or a beach club. All income generated is invested in improving the club's facilities, maintaining equipment and gear, and covering the cost of fuel for the safety boats. Sailing opportunities offered by our instructors inspire and strengthen future sailors’ ambitions to acquire their own boat. Our beginner and intermediate sailing courses offer sailors opportunities to be introduced to sailing and to develop their sailing skills, seamanship and safety at sea. Sessions run from April to November and can be tailored to the duration of one's holiday, number of family members and ages, starting from the age of six (6). Sailing is taught in Optimist, Laser and Catamaran classes. Fees are reasonable and cover tuition and use of equipment. Experienced sailors may rent a sailing boat according to their skills and enjoy sailing on the crystal clear waters and beautiful coves of Protaras.

Start Sailing
Dinghy sailing lessons are usually performed on Optimist class boats for sailors between the ages of 6 and 14, and Laser class boats for sailors from 14 years on (depending on weight, height and strength). "Start Sailing" courses are usually delivered from May until October. The frequency and dates of the lessons are agreed upon appointment with the instructors. The enrollment of the students as club members is not mandatory at this level. For fees and further details see the Sailing Application.

Regular Training
In order to participate in regular training, it is mandatory that trainees and their families become club members. In addition, a prepayed amount of €80 is required for each child under the age of 18 as a financial contribution for the monthly sailing sessions according to the R.T sailing calendar. A sailing session corresponds to standard training, club racing, bi-club friendly regattas and national competitions. Sailors should be at the club on time for the planned activities according to the agreed schedule. Any delay on behalf of the parents is at the expense of the sailor and his/her fellow sailors. Parents who would like their children to participate in National Competitions should arrange for the issuance of a Cyprus Sports Organization health ID (ASYA). National competitions are held all year round island-wide and families are expected to contribute to commuting the athletes and gear to the designated sailing venues. For fees and further details see the Regular Training Application.

Start Windsurfing
Windsurfing lessons are performed on start-board rigs for apprentices over the age of 12. Lessons are delivered in the marine environment of the club from June to September. The frequency and dates of the lessons are agreed upon with the instructors. The enrollment of the apprentices as club members is not mandatory at this level. For fees and further details see the Sailing Application.

Sailing, SUP or Windsurfing "Start Sailing" courses are awarded with a Certificate of Attendance. Begafigo is an accredited sailing centre and its instructors have are trained and qualified by the Cyprus Sailing Federation or another country whoese certificates are recognised by World Sailing. The decision to sail lies only with the individual sailor and the sailor's experience and self confidence. Sailors who succesfully complete the "Start Laser Sailing" or "Start Optimist Sailing" courses are awarded the National training programm certificates for Laser or Optimist

Boat Rentals
The club has a fleet of boats available for hire by competent sailors, only when they are not being used for training courses or racing. Boats are for rent only in the presence of an instructor and it is requested that the sailing area to be within the visual range of the club. As club boats available for training are limited, bookings should be made at least 5 days in advance. Sailing time for competent members is three hours, and for competent non-members (visitors) it is one and a half (1.30) hours.
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Offshore Sailing
Offshore sailing is introduced by our associate "Ostria" Sailing Academy
For applications please contact: Adonis Kalopetrides 99678249 

'Begafigo'' is a duly registered Club in accordance with The Societies and Institution Law, N. 57/1972, as amended, with Registration No.2677, & KOA Registration No. 615


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