Club Racing & Regattas

Club Racing is governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2013–2016 and Rules & Regulations as defined by Cyprus Sailing Federation (CYSAF). Crewing and Helming opportunities are available upon request from the Forum. All Begafigo classes start in the same Start Sequence. The scoring adopts the ISAF low point scoring system (the boat at the end of the competiton who has the least number of points wins), and is calculated by the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme 2014. We may sometimes have to adjust the handicap so that all may have an equal chance to win, enjoy themselves and benefit from racing. The scoring is documented by the Club Scoring Sheet and governed by the assigned Officer of the Day (OOD). Prizes are awarded only to the first 3 sailors in each series. Racers can see how their position in the fleet is calculated  according to their timing by using the Sailwave Scoring System available in
Begafigo sailors who are holders of the Cyprus Sports Organization Health Certificate (ASYA) can participate with their own sailboats at the National Championship. Classes in Begafigo participating at the National Championship are LASERS & OPTIMISTS. Follow this link to apply for a Health ID from Cyprus Sports Organization (ASYA)  . In addition the sailor's registration is needed in the CYSAF registry by completing the CYSAF Registration Form.


 General Racing Instructions 

  1. Racing days: Saturdays. (Saturdays not mentioned in the Racing schedule are booked with National Regattas, Coaching Seminars or Regular Training at other venue).
  2. Club Racing Calendar: Issued every January.
  3. Number of Races per day: Aiming for 3 races per day depending on Weather conditions
  4. Races Duration: 25min – 40max minutes.
  5. Course: Announced on black-board on land or on water upon sign-in at the Committee Boat.The racing area stands within visual range of the club.
  6. Classes to compete: General Handicap & Optimist.
  7. Rules: 2017 – 2020 ISAF RRS: 44.1 & 44.2 (360+720 turns penalty) will apply.
  8. Races to discard: 1 race every 6 completed races. To be calculated at the end of each series.
  9. Scoring: RRS Appendix A4 Low Point System Scoring for general handicap racing will apply, regulated by the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick List 2007
  10. Series Configuration: “Early Series” January to April / “Middle Series”May to August / “Late Series” September to December.
  11. Registrations: Registrations at the Race Station every Saturday from 11:00 by signing a declaration before going afloat acknowledging the following: I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and other rules that govern this event set by the OOD. I declare that I will participate at my own risk and that I have not consumed alcohol prior to this event. I will wear suitable to my weight personal buoyancy aid at all times when at sea. I am solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or continue racing. I acknowledge that the club has no liability to racers on land or sea and Safety Boat attempts to recover people not property. I am obliged to quit racing and sail immediately to boat signalizing “in-distress” (arms wave) at first sight.
  12. Entry Fee: Five (5) euro per adult sailor paid to the Sailing Instructor before entering the water. Eligibility: Club racing is open only to competitors that are paid members of Begafigo and have sea-worthy crafts with sail numbers.
  13. Results: Calculations by OOD and uploaded in “Musings & Results”
  14. Trophies: To be awarded only to the top 3 competitors of each series.
  15. Committee Boat: Valiant RIB, anchored at the start line. Starts will be given on-time and immediately after the end of every race.
  16. Safety: Both helm and crew must wear personal buoyancy. (Wetsuits will not be accepted as personal buoyancy aid). Sail boats are not allowed to enter the swimming area, marked by orange buoys.


Cy.Sa.F National Racing
If you wish to participate in the official Cyprus Sailing Federation  Offshore or Olympic classes championships you need to apply for a health ID from Cyprus Sports Organization (K.O.A).

For the necessary application forms and procedure required please contact:
Offshore: Adonis Kalopetrides 99678249 / Olympic classes: Vassilis Christodoulou 99623447.


Begafigo Annual Regattas
1. Kataklismos Regatta Open to all Classes.
2. Terry Roberts Laser Regatta
3. Catamaran Cup

 4. New Year Regatta Open to all Classes.



'Begafigo'' is a duly registered Club in accordance with The Societies and Institution Law, N. 57/1972, as amended, with Registration No.2677, & KOA Registration No. 615


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